Happy Thanksgiving from Paradigm Treatment Centers

Happy Thanksgiving! The holidays can be an opportune time to express gratitude and no holiday exudes that more than Thanksgiving. Paradigm Treatment Centers would like to take the opportunity to thank you, the treatment, educational and athletic communities for your tireless work with adolescents and families in countless capacities. We know how integral it is to establish meaningful and enriching relationships with pre-teens and adolescents and we sincerely appreciate everyone’s respective work.

As we anticipate Thanksgiving, we wanted to share some resources that may be useful during the holiday season. There is a science to gratitude and the benefits for interpersonal gratitude are bi-directional. Expressing gratitude can help us cope with loss as well. So, if you are looking for some strategies for getting a gratitude practice started or would like a fantastic template to start a gratitude journal, click on the embedded links…..

The holidays are also a great time to practice staying grounded and in the present. For those that find the holidays stressful and are living in the future, you may be suffering needlessly or suffering twice. Good luck with your gratitude practice this holiday season and have a safe and happy holiday…..



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