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Paradigm Treatment Centers provides compassionate, expert care for 12-18 year old adolescents struggling with

anxiety, depression, trauma and/or substance use disorders.  Our nationally recognized programs

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Guide to Staying Sober This Holiday Season

Guide to Staying Sober This Holiday Season

December 8, 2017

Whether you are fresh out of recovery for a drug or alcohol addiction or you have been through the holidays as a recovering addict before, you already know that the holiday season is a time when many people in recovery have a relapse. There are some steps you can take that will reduce your risk of relapsing…

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The Keys To Unlocking Joy

July 20, 2017

While avoidance of anxiety, stress and sadness can provide temporary relief, intentionally focusing on generating joy can be a proactive way to not just curb negative affect, but also generate positive emotions like joy. It can also make unpleasant feelings around stress become more manageable by acknowledging negative emotions and providing us with the capacity to…

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Parenting Tips for A Successful Summer

June 14, 2017

For those of us with children and/or adolescents, summer can be both a fun and stressful time. While the stress of getting to school, homework, projects and after school activities subsides, it is often replaced with lack of structure, boredom, and immense amounts of less supervised free time. Often, parents try and identify a successful…

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Resources for Parents and Clinicians: 13 Reasons Why and The Blue Whale Challenge

May 15, 2017

We have had a number of adolescents, parents and clinicians discussing a movie and an application that are both closely tied to pre-teen and adolescent suicide.  13 Reasons Why is a series that is currently showing on Netflix that discusses a number of issues that teens may face, such as bullying, abuse and self injury. …

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The Importance of Being Connected and The Implications of Loneliness

April 28, 2017

Universally, there are few nouns with a more miserable association than ‘loneliness’.  Over the last 10 years, research has provided us with unending amounts of research on the emotional, mental and physical resilience factors that connectedness brings us as well as the detrimental effects of experiencing loneliness.  Dr. Emma Seppala’s Tedx Talk on The Power…

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Mindfulness Research Indicates Substantial Benefits For Adolescents and Healthcare Providers

March 15, 2017

The increasing body of research on the use of mindfulness with children and adolescents is extremely compelling. In direct contrast to the growing concerns over video games and technology dependence, recent and cutting edge mindfulness research has demonstrated that mindfulness-based interventions assist in cognitive functioning and resilience to stress as well as laying down neurological…

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